Everyone needs dad

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I didn’t ask to be brought here
I didn’t ask for you
I was created from a love
Between my mommy and you.

Now here I sit with her
Just me and mommy you see
And where, oh where are you
Where could you be?

Not that it really matters now
I have my mommys love
You see, I feel her presence
And her love from up above.

No one needs a sperm donor
Everyone needs a daddy
I am guaranteed to find one
He’ll be the best I’ve ever had.

Someone to kiss my boo boos
And wipe my little tears
Someone who will give me hugs
And sing away my fears.

Someone who wants to love me
To live everyday for me
To long to hear those little words
“I love you, daddy.”

Now, I know this isn’t you
I don’t know where you are
But just to let you know
One day I will have my shining star.

A man who will love me regardless
Who’s not like you and ran
I will be proud to call him daddy
Because he can take it like a man.

One thought on “Everyone needs dad”

  1. its a very nice poem, truly. i want to show this to my cuz because her dad ran away when she was a day old, he came back when she was 13 but again left 2days after just to brake promises again

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