Friends are there for you

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Life is hard, but hang in there.
We are here for you, your bestĀ friends.
When you feel like giving up, keep going.
You’re almost there and we’ll be there for you no matter what.
Keep your dreams in front of you and never give up.
And when you feel like giving in,
Look to the side of life’s road,
We’ll be there, cheering you on.

To all my friends who are there for me through the good and the bad, I love you all. You’re all my inspiration! Keep inspiring me, I cannot do it without you, especially you Lukus, I love you, very much.

4 thoughts on “Friends are there for you”

  1. Hey how are you Arianna
    that’s the best poems i ever read do you want to know why cuz you will always be there for your friend. I think you are a really good friend and keep writing things about you and your friendsi will always read your poems and post some of your poems on here

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