You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had

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You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had,
I will make you calm when you are mad,
When you cry I will wipe away all of your tears,
When you’re scared I will fight away all your fears,
You will know I will always be there when things get tough,
I will help you when It’s hard, painful and rough,
I’ll help you with your homework, give you good advice,
Try and make you laugh and always be nice,
I will never let you down I will always be here,
Because I live for you and I will always be near
I want you to know how much you mean to me,
I will guide you through the darkness if you cannot see,
Happiness is what I want for you,
I hope that all your dreams come true,
No matter what I will be here to the end
I want you to know I love you my best friend.

59 thoughts on “You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had”

  1. Oh my gosh! i love your poem! its so wonderfull! also im 11 years old and if there are any 11 or 12 yr olds on here email me!

  2. I love your poem. It reminds me of my friend.. its so cute i love it. its really worth the time to read poems like these… :)

  3. I think this poem is brilliant you couldnt get better
    i will send this to my best mate and she will love it thank you

  4. i think it sounds good and sweet over all good job
    but i think you used a few lines form -Evanescence-
    “my immortal” and that was obvious but other
    than that it was great keep up the good work!!!

  5. i love your poem soo much i gave it to my bestest friend she liked it sooo much that she started to cry because it was soo good keep up the good job and write more poems i just love it thank you

  6. I appriciate this beautiful poem, as a friend i guess this
    is the right poem..its a lovely poem..i know this poem
    as like 1 of my favroite poems'..

  7. thank you for writing this poem now Im with the girl I’ve been trying to get with for a long time and if it wasint for this poem i would be lost still thank you alot

  8. I really appriciate the creativity and efforts of the
    author. I like this poem very much. And it made me
    feel nice and bound me to comment, else no one
    have time in so much busy life.
    Please write me if you can.
    I shall feel really grateful to hear anything from
    such a grand personality who compose it.

  9. Thanking you for making such a lovely poem.
    I also write poems. not all as good as this one.
    But Im sure if your taste is like this you will
    definetly like mines. If you have doubts call me at 091-9810716706

  10. such a wonderful poem you have composed and i really love it. Im gonna show this to my best friend and tell him this si what i really feel for you but don't worry i won't lie and tell him that i composed it

  11. Hey this is a good poem my best firend is good in poetry and stuff and when I give her this poem she is gonna love it!So you are really good at these poems.When you write some more friendship poems good you send them to me please
    thank you!

  12. This poem is sweet , It made mee feel happy and it made me feel sad. It makes me sad because i've lost my friend who it sounds like this poem was made for.
    AAAA++++ great job

  13. The poem is so touching. My best friend sent it to me and I was so touched. It says everything you look for in a friend. I think that it's just agreat poem

  14. I really like your poem it got me thinking that there are real friends out there that will really do stuff like that for but they are really hard to find. but this poem has really touch me.

  15. omg how cute!!! you have a real talent with making up poems so use it well!! i loveed da poem so i will definatly come back 2 this web site if i need you look up another poem!! lol!!

  16. some of the lines from your poem are taken in one of my fave songs….
    you should write poem in your own imagination which really shows your love for your best friend!
    i know most of the time writers interchange lines but i think not exactly this time….
    Im sorry but i think you your poem is an immitation…

  17. Hello dear cathy !
    thank you alot for your nice poetry !
    You know ..!!! My friend forgave me by that
    thank you alot and keep writing poetries.
    Love You !!

  18. i love this poem because it describes my exact feelings for my best friend if i gave this poem to her she would probably cry i love this poem you basically read my mind keep creating more poems you have talent

  19. i like this porm b/c it makes me think about my b/f/f/l and that we shouldn't fight b/c life is to short …..(love the one and only loca queen of 305)

  20. Hey, this poem is pretty tight because you are
    telling your friend what you could do for her/him
    and that makes a person feel really special!!!!!!!!

  21. this poem is really nice i myself im a poet and i really like this poem it reminds me of myself and my friendships =)

  22. Hey your Poem was amazing i so wish i had your skill of rhyiming
    i hope it's okay that i give your poem to my best friend i hope
    that someone will ever teach me to have your skill well see you later
    TTFN(tata for now)

  23. Ur poem is awesome,I like so adore it. I truly love it!and since am going 2 graduate and like my bff desiree is moving.I so thought I should give it her!So awesome.just keep it up its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool.God bless you like soooooooooooooooo much.Peace out homie!!*

  24. hey,i really liked your poem!!that was like so sweet
    Im so gonna send that to my best friend……..
    that’s like tha everything that we are!!! you have
    a real talent..and don’t worry bout most of these
    people telling you that you are a what ever tha hell
    they said fan… cuz you the one that wrote the
    poem and it does not really matter what it says
    cuz i think its beautiful………..keep up tha good work……

  25. hey cathy i love this poem Im 16 and i am obsest
    with pomes.if you can give me tip's on how to start a nice poem my grandad
    passed away and i am readin thank you staci xxx

  26. Hey just wanted to say you are a great poet and
    that your poem was awesome!!! Something I can
    relate to but couldn't say in my own words.
    thank you 4 the help!

  27. Hey! I was sitting here looking for a poem that I wanted to give to my best friend…and I came across this one and It struck me so i wanted to give this poem to my one and only best friend and I hope that she enjoys it…because she the best…and also your a really good writer…keep it up!!!!!

  28. omg this is like the perfect poem to give to my
    friend and if anything ever happens to like you writing
    poems than maby you should thank about how much
    joy you got by writing these poems if you ever did
    i hope you did because these are really great.
    !!!!!!!!!Write more you inspire me to do the
    right things. and know whoes there for me….

    Right me back!!!!!!!!

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