Given Chance

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Somehow it exists in my own little world
Knowing it will always be a curse without sign
Indeed, can only be seen and be understood
In someone’s truthful sight and fearless tongue

Aware or unaware, indeed I made a mistake
Hopelessly without your guiding light
I am afraid, lost and greatly in disguise
Believe me if only I could undo the past
I will do it before your gentle heart starts to ache

Sooner or later I know my life would be in the next
Bear in mind without your sincerest forgiveness
I am miserable and in great loneliness
Without you, I know I will crawl
Before I will learn to walk again
Believe me when I say this to you
You are my life and I still needed you

If given a chance
From now on
I will hold your heart
As gently as I can
Just to love and keep you
Once again…

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