New Life

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without warning
a world
I’m no longer winning

It rains
It stops
then you smile

one fine day
in my sweetest
morning delight
sleepless even
at night

without a fight,
you conquered me
where dreams
seem so right

you give life
and add colors
in my dying sight
I feel the adrenalin
in my veins
my heart goes faster
as you appear
you let time
pause and disappear

your lovely face
at first sight
lasts forever

your passion
captured me by heart
the day you smiled
making life worth
to survive

oh dear God,
let me have you
as I grow old
through this life
my loveliest sight
who gives light

don’t ever go,
let your light
shine the path
of my long lost life

for I will be
the knight
who try to fight
and love you
with all his might

for I will offer you
my life, my heart
just to have you
at this side
to be my precious
and only life

dear God, let
my one and only
heavenly light
who shines, give hopes
in my darkest fight be
the only meaning
and center
of my one last
new life…

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