All day I’m hurt and wonder why

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Why am I here?
Why don’t I die?
Once I was happy, confident and carefree
What happened to the days when I could be me,
On the surface I smile and act like Im alright,
But when I get home I cry all night,
This pain I feel why won’t it go away?
I wish they’d stop what they are doing
coz it’s not okay.
I don’t know what Im doing
and I don’t know what I’ve done,
I wish they’d just leave me alone
because they know they’ve won,
I wish that they could see,
That they’re killing me!

10 thoughts on “All day I’m hurt and wonder why”

  1. Hey this poem makes meee cry i read the words and it brings me too tears … i LOVE YOUR poem i really can relate….. i feel like i wrote it myself .. i read it too my best friend and shes like r you sure you didn’t write that . i plan on showing it too my mom along with a note .. b/c I’ve tryed to explain too her how i feel but she does not understand …. maybe this will make her realize.. anyways i just thought i should thank you b/c your poem has helped me realize alot of diff. things .. keep writing you never no wen you can touch someones life!

  2. It a really sad poem but I loved it. Its like my life
    I mean I do cry at home all the time because people
    people don’t know when to stop!?!?!

  3. I love this poem because
    me and my man just broke up over a
    bunch of people talkin
    smack and this is exactly how i've felt since!!!!!!

  4. I m a man but i can relate to your poem cause me
    and my girl just broke up and she slept with
    another nigga the day after it and cried my heart out
    this poem i can rrelate to

  5. You have no idea how i relate to this poem. It describes everything that i feel or stuff that has happened to me. This poem has alot of feeling to it and i think is the saddest one I’ve read cause i understand what its saying and it means so much.

  6. this poem really expresses what im going through right now and
    that’s exactly what im feeling
    I want it all to go away but it wont it just stays there

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