One chapter is over

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One chapter is over
It should have been
Over a long time ago
The abuse, the neglect
What did I ever see in him
He is so cold
Unfeeling, callous
He thinks only of himself
What he wants
What is good for him
No one else

It is time to go
Leave this prison
Spread my wings
And fly far from here

Time for the new chapter
To begin
New people, new places
New love….
An adventure
The possibilities are endless

Look up old loves
For new beginnings
Second chances
I’m a different person, now
I want a person who loves me
Respects me
Someone who still thinks of me
30 years later
What love that must be

I want that love
I need that love
I will find that love
I will love that man
I will give that man the best
Rest of his life
If he will just love me

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