For so long I struggled

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For so long I struggled
To save my marriage
But to no avail
My marriage was doomed
From the start

He swept me off my feet
My head was in the clouds
I did not see how self-centered
He was, narcissistic
Abusive emotionally, verbally
He said I was a horrible
Wife, stepmother, daughter
In-law, I believed him
For 12 years I believed him

I finally went to see a councilor
To fix me
She helped me to realize
I was fine, he was abusive
Controlling, spiteful
That threatening me with divorce at
Every opportunity was a way
To control me and get what
He wanted
As long as he got his way
He was happy

Well he has threatened
Divorce again…
Now I’m ready
He will get NO warning
Just divorce papers in
The mail
I would rather live alone
Than be married to him
Any longer!!

I want my FREEDOM!

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