I think of you often

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I think of you often
What would life
Have been like with you
If we were together

If you had just
Talked to me
Showed interest in me
Held my hand
Looked into my eyes
Put your arm around my shoulders

Took me in your arms
Kissed me
Your lips on mine
Searing down my neck
Your hands blazing
A path down my back
Cradling me against your body

Opening me to you
With gentle hands
Cupping me
Fill me up
Till I explode
Liquid lightening

But you didn’t
You were quiet
Shy, so was I
For 2 months
We went out
But never really got to
Know each other

If I were different then
If you were different then
I should have tried harder
I wish I had been different, then
I am different, now
Are you?
Are you still interested
I’m scared to find out
What if you don’t live
Up to what is in my head
What if you take one look at me
And say…I dodged a bullet on that one

I so want you to be the man in my head
To have the life, in my head
That I dream of with you
But I’m scared, the dream is safe
Reality isn’t

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