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I’m afraid of myself and who i am
I struggle to feel something so simple
I am of one body with two minds
A monster who i wish to damn
Who am i so lost without any signs
Nothing to direct me from this path

Am i nothing but a prison?
A cage for a beast which i fear?
My soul is nothing but a cataclysm
Who can guide me like an angels seer?
Or shall i betray those i love?
Like an apocalyptic treason
It’s as if i have no reason

Who shall save me when push comes to shove?
Who can accept my heart that is colder then a winter season?
Am i only a monster hidden inside?
So many question so few answers

A monster and a coward stand side by side
Hate burning like a thousand pyromancers
Kindness dying like a successful suicide

Am a monster or am i a man?
Do i kill or do i love?
Ive lost my self in my head
If i can’t save me than who can?
I see no god above
No devil ahead
Just me and my reflection
And that’s how it will end

2 thoughts on “Monster”

  1. This is a feeling I’ve had for so very long. It’s really hard for me to describe it and this is the first time I’ve been able to form words around it. Though it doesn’t flow like I want it to neither there battle with myself.

  2. This is pretty good. I think you put it into words very well. I can understand what’s being said.
    It’s always so hard to grasp onto what to feel because of uncertainty. The really depressing thing is when you want to escape from the casting evil that lurks within, but you can’t because nobody is really there at all to help you pull through. Nobody can been seen from your line of view thus making it difficult to suffice in a normal, functioning world. It leaves you in the dark, lost in thoughts fighting a draining battle while pondering on what to do. It’s very confusing and it makes everything around you die.
    Nevertheless, I believe in a world of fear is where you can find yourself in true colors. The choice is up to you whether you let the monster win or not.

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