How sad my love is

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You will never know all the tears I’ve cried,
You will never know how hurt Im inside,
You will never know how long I’ve loved you,
You will never know I think of you no matter what I do,
You will never know how I feel will always be the same,
You will never know that I cannot stop these tears of pain,
You will never know how sad Im when you’re gone,
You will never know you’re the reason I’ve been alone all along,
You will never know how much I care,
You will never know all the pain I bear,
Baby can’t you see,
You’re killing me,
I want you to know that I will be there to the end,
coz no matter what I will always be your friend!

21 thoughts on “How sad my love is”

  1. DIS POEM IS MY FAVE i am just speechless its amazing datz only 1word it describes dis poem
    i feel like this is what i wanna tell my ex. he really hurt me. da bad part iz dat he broke up with me within 5days or so i thought we would go 4mayb a yr but i guess my luv 4him waz just a test. 2c how i will feel when i find da most caring perfect man in my life. but im only 14 so i still have ma whole life 2find dat most caring&perfect man 2b in ma life 4ever till death do us part. but mostly i like ur poem mayb u should try 2publish a poem book. i would totally buy it.

  2. i loved this poem.u did an awesome job!!! keep onn writting! i fell this way right not sure if im loved by he or no but i hope he knowsI will always love him and wont ever forget how happy we were together.i love you babe

  3. I really enjoyed the beginning of this poem but I felt at the end you lost your flow. (in the last 4 lines) Otherwise it was really good. You were very expressive and provided a vivid picture of what you're going through.

  4. the love poes are really nice it makes you realize many things and it opens your eyes to see how much love hurts and really painful!!!!!!

  5. hello… my name is angela. im from Philippines.
    i love this poem.
    It fits me.
    I’ve a love that lost
    and now im just his friend.
    Really sad. right?
    anyway… i love him still…and that love will be
    “Dominic” that’s his name

  6. hey i really like your poem you wrote but can you make me one that’s like a grl dosent like this man and he knows he has no chance at all…….PLEZZZ I cannot FIND ONE N E WHERE…..I’ve been on like 20 sites and your the best please help.

  7. I barely know you but see you care,
    you feel so numb but the feelings are there.
    He broke your heart!, that i can see,
    you want him to love, you but want to b free.
    don’t worry cathy you might feel alone
    like you the only one hurt to the bone.
    but iv been where you are i knw your pain
    to alot of men its al just a game.
    Your poem's good thatI will addmit,…..
    OK its amazing and more then a bit
    The love of my life once broke my heart
    and truely all i could do was fall apart
    Keep your chin up you inspire me girl
    you got my reply address,i hope you will

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