My heart breaks

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My heart breaks
It’s a wonder
no one hears the cracking
It seems so loud
almost a scream

It hurts
The pain is so intense
How am I standing
How have I not fallen to my knees
Writhing in pain

No one understands
They say why are you still sad
It was only a cat
Get over it
Get on with your life

They do not understand
I mourn for my George
But I also mourn for the loss
Of all my babies
I mourn for the loss of my family
I mourn for the loss of being needed
I mourn for the loss of belonging
I mourn for the loss of being loved

The house is no longer a home
It is just empty, a shell
With no life
No love
No one to come home to
No one who needs me
No one who waits for me
No one to love me
Or miss me…

I am alone …….

One thought on “My heart breaks”

  1. It’s a tough thing depression. How it can tear you apart and crush you leaving you to nothing more than a pile of dust from your former self. Very few things help with it. Being loved and needed are some of very few ways to help us build our selves back up.

    You simply need to love yourself when you are depressed. If you love yourself than you have a reason to live. But its never actually that simple is it.

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