Love is Lonely

Friends or Lovers

Friends or Lovers
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Friends, lovers or other
What shall we be?
A decision I can not make,
But one that we need

Im thinking about you every moment,
Each and every day
Yet, still you remain… my love,
so very far away.

I dream of the things
We are yet to share
I dream of our embraces,
And our expressions of care.

I hope and pray my love
Somehow, I will touch your heart
So you will choose my dear
Friends, while lovers, not apart

I yearn for you my darling
To hold you in my arms,
To feel the heave of your chest,
To know your passionate charms

This heart aches, my little Angel
When I envision the softness of your face,
Warmth of your lips, as we share a kiss,
These are just some of the things I chase

I offer you the choice my love
The choice… Should you dare.
Of a life filled with devotion,
With hope, love and care

I ask you now, to make a choice
For I know which I would take
Friends, lovers or other
The choice that counts, is the one you make.
To be, or not… together.