Love is Lonely

Match against myself

Match against myself
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Thought this would get better
But it only seems to worsen as the days pass
My happiness has deceased,
I knew it wouldn’t last
The anger has built up inside,
Im ready to break loose
I won’t be able to take much more of this abuse
My body’s twitching, mind gone blank
Im outraged by all the pain that I’ve gone through
I’ve put up afront with nowhere to run to
Eyes as red as blood, mascara down my face
Im gone, discharged from this place
My brain has decomposed from all this mess
Some people just weren’t meant to be happy I guess
I feel like there’s been a match against myself
Im thinking about people, while they’re thinking about wealth
Im the victim at fault for all this hell
Yet, no one’s sensitive to it, they don’t know me that well