Match against myself

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Thought this would get better
But it only seems to worsen as the days pass
My happiness has deceased,
I knew it wouldn’t last
The anger has built up inside,
Im ready to break loose
I won’t be able to take much more of this abuse
My body’s twitching, mind gone blank
Im outraged by all the pain that I’ve gone through
I’ve put up afront with nowhere to run to
Eyes as red as blood, mascara down my face
Im gone, discharged from this place
My brain has decomposed from all this mess
Some people just weren’t meant to be happy I guess
I feel like there’s been a match against myself
Im thinking about people, while they’re thinking about wealth
Im the victim at fault for all this hell
Yet, no one’s sensitive to it, they don’t know me that well

26 thoughts on “Match against myself”

  1. “some people are not meant to be happy” this utterance has strummed the strings of my aching heart that has been the residence and abode of pain, hurt and soul-devouring, mind-wrecking loneliness. I have scouted for the defect that flaws my looks and personality and may be warding off but failed to fathom out.

  2. That was a great ,moving poem!
    i completely understand your emotions and feelings and its
    obvious that your thought has been put into the poem.i loved it

  3. That poem was great and moving …
    i understand what your going through.
    i wish i could put my thoughts and words
    in to poems sometimes to make some of the
    pain go away!
    good job! I love it!!

  4. Omg… i love your poem.. its the 1 poem that i can describe what im goin through.. i don’t think any1 couldve described my life better.. and if these are your true emotions i feel really bad for you cuz i know you feel… so again i just wanted to compliment you on your outstanding job on this poem!!

  5. I cannot say that i know what you were going through
    when you wrote that poem. Because like everyone
    else i would say that without meaning. I can't say
    that I liked the poem because i don’t want to be like
    everyone else and agree with it. I can say that I felt
    somewhat close to this poem, in a strange way. I
    also can say that it kept my attention unlike other
    poems that i force myself to read. I also cannot say
    that i should thank you for writing that poem, because
    what you wrote was originally for your mind.
    And even though my opinion doesn't matter,
    unless you feel that the satisfaction of what people
    think is what's best, I really enjoyed reading
    something that i can relate to.

  6. This poem is one of the most moving poems that I’ve ever read, I can relate to all of the words as well as the meaning behind it. After all Im a 16-year old and eveything seems to be moving so fast and the fast things arer my activities, friends and where I stand in the social crowd its as though I don't exist sometimes it's like every one is always angry and mad at me for some odd uncalled for reason that I myself had nothing to do with its crazy so in conclusion on a scale of 1-20 i would give this poem a 21 for being extra true and extra honest

  7. Wow…..if you could rip out all of the pain that i feel
    inside and put in on paper
    it woul be exactly what you have done
    amazing poem
    one you will never forget

  8. This poem is excellent! i can really relate to it especially because of whats going on in my life right now! never stop writing…one day i bet you're gonna be known! good luck

  9. its hard not to be able to break lose.i hope that maybe someday we will all be able to find ourselves among all the others and that maybe we will be able to be happy even though right now we are going through hell.i hope that this expierence will make us feel tronger. I hope that you can brake free from all of this pain

  10. i didn't like this “poem” at all it didn’t make sense,
    and the bloodiness was taking it a bit too far.
    All it sounds like is an emo trying to get attention.

  11. I love it !!! its sooooo sad just keep your hopes up and ask God for help!!! He will listen and make everything turn out for the better!!!

  12. Invade my soul. Blissfully make my bleeding heart once again whole. Take my shaking hands in yours. Kiss my intimate lips and make them live once more. sweet poisen from your infectious kiss runs through my veins. My eyes only beg for the sight of you once more. I live to run my fingers through your hair. Sove me now for Im a wilting rose waiting for your touch and beauty to bring me back to life. My patience kills me more and more every day. I want to reach out and touch your face. But you will never know how I really feel for I want to want to want no longer. But if you will I will want you because you are the most normal person I’ve felt in many many years.

  13. just wanted to say , i like your poem an i don’t know if you wrote it because it was how you felt or because you were just writing but that’s how im feelin at this point. i like your writing.

  14. hiii sarah its really kool that you can write such
    words cherish this gift for the rest
    of yur life you may not no me
    but trust me :>

  15. i really like your poem
    whene i was reading it. It
    reminds me of my baby sis
    that i love so much and becouse of your poem
    know i understend what she maybe going through
    ever day
    all i want to tell you as well as my
    baby sis is that god is and well always
    be with you men god bless you. know your not along
    any more

  16. wow that was deep….. it made me cry..
    i feel like that 24/7..
    thank you for this poem..
    i loved it will all my heart.
    even tho you might b e sad sometimes. someone out there will
    always love you. trust me.
    i know..

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