You’re New

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They said you were the left
I said you stood on the right
They said you’re the darkness
I said she’s the one to shine bright
They bet on the ruin that would come
I bet on the family that would be done

I rushed to the dreams we used to have
Thirsty for more of the drug I’ve been taking
You got me high like no weed could ever do
All your talks and actions and everything you do
Like my sixth sense you stood there
Never to be real but all I can feel

Days went on with a growing heart
It grew as much as we’re now apart
They claim for every male there’s a female
And for every charge there’s a bail
I paid it all and I’m done with my debt
They were righteous you’re not the one
I smoke my feelings out
Till I fell in love and moved on

I ran to our castle on the beach
Waiting for more of the love I’ve been taking
You got me drunk like no liquor could ever do
All your whispers and kisses and everything you do
Like my destiny you stood there
Never to be real but all I can feel

Now that I’ve moved on to something new
I ran out of prison just like one of a few
At first it felt strange, I said it can’t be true
What rests in my cage is beating again
Until it all came clear to me that it was you
I guess I’m liking this ongoing game
Destiny never lied when it wrote your name
Right next to mine yea right next to mine
You better not let yourself down this time
I’m still betting on you just like the first time

One thought on “You’re New”

  1. Nice poem. The way interrupted it was that you believe that the love you had with this person was so addicting. I like how you compared it drugs to enforce the meaning of how strong your love/addiction was for this person!

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