Abandoned Friendship

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You showed up on my doorstep
In tears,
I took you in
And listened to your woes
You cried about how your friend
Abandoned your friendship
You could not understand how
One day the two of you were friends
And the next you weren’t
I shared with you how that same person
Treated my friendship the same way
Through shared pain and hurt
We became good friends
Now a few years later
You have treated me
The same exact way
You don’t even have a few
Hours to spare to go to lunch
(In the last 2 years)
With a so called good friend
You must have forgotten
How much being treated
So callously felt
I am sure you are a good friend
Just not to me

One thought on “Abandoned Friendship”

  1. I love how at the end you are still positive to the person and state that even though this person may be a good person or friend it did not work out for you! so nice

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