Sweet and Hot

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Jack is so sweet & clayton is so hot
both of them i love alot.
but loving them is like living in hell.
because none of them like me aswell.

10 thoughts on “Sweet and Hot”

  1. i really liked your poem i thought it was cool. i hope that something works out ang one of dem likes you later av a nice val day x

  2. u ain't no nuttin bout you just immature….u make it seem like pass time..it's notabout choosing..it'z about the one that you take one look at and you lose your breath.
    i'm sure you don't understand..but this poem was sad!

  3. dis one was ok it was just too short. Niether one of them like yo. Oh and anonymous need to learn how to talk and write.

  4. Uh Yeah It Was Good..
    Yet Too short*
    I Fell Tha Same Way*
    Chris And Ryan Buht Both Of Them Kinda
    Are Likr They want to Be Wit Me BuhtNeither
    Of Dem Niggas Are!! I Love Them BOTH A lot!
    I Just Need Someone Ta Rely And Depend On..

    Dat Biatch*

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