Guardian Angels

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I have fallen,
Gone so low.
You pushed me over the edge,
I started falling towards hell,
I could feel the heat of the flames
On my bare flesh.
My screams were drowned out
By the scorching flames.
There was a bright light,
A cool wind from the flapping of wings.
My Guardian Angels had heard my cries,
Felt my pain.
They took me in their arms are carried
Me away, out of Hell,
To be with them in Heaven.

10 thoughts on “Guardian Angels”

  1. hey …. great poem and it means alot
    i understand what you are saying …
    you have a great skill and you should continue
    to write …. and may one day youfind endless love
    signed candice

  2. I really enjoyed this poem….
    I has touched me after I’ve read it.
    My feelings about these things have made a really big impact on my life. I’ve been through alot and after reading this about a guardian angel…it feels like alot of my problems have been solved
    thank you very much for putting this on the net… if you get any time and you are having any kind of problems Im here for you to write to…thank you

  3. that was a really good poem.

    im not gonna saykeep up the good work because in actual fact its not good
    the poem is imense but why its written isnot good
    so in actual fact people should tell you that if tht is your refugge then carry on
    but if its just another way you feel pain
    then cut yourself off from it and never look at it again

    reply if it helps

  4. I really love that poem.
    It inspires people to write about anything they want to then express it to the world.
    Its very emotional.
    And touching and I enjoyed it.

  5. Lucky you finally got in the arms of angel :) … your wordings were very expressive and touching too … many people face many problems in their life which is as good as compared to hell … if we truly believe in god and trust them … one day surely everybody would be in the arm of angel and living a happy life forever … no pains and no tears…

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