Abstract Beauty

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A smile that brightens the darkest souls,
Rain falls but seems to never stop,
Awaiting the sun to shine;
a light that never glows,
Sun never rises but forever sets.
A person so bizarre in such a beautiful way,
Even though she’s gorgeous and its obvious,
So unique but still no one knows her name,
She seems to perfect for her dreams to be crushed.
Love is lonely so her heart beats quiet,
I couldn’t see who she was so I squinted to see clearer,
I never knew the noise she made would echo silent,
Then I noticed it was me in a mirror.

3 thoughts on “Abstract Beauty”

  1. :D … I would love to see you sometime:) … atleast your smile… I would say this poem was smart indeed:P .. while reading only face kept flashing on my mind and that was my girl… but unfortunately I lost her … Haaa nyway it was smart poem ;) expecting more from you …

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