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She stood out like a star,
of what I could see from afar.
as I drew near I could see,
there was no other girl for me.

As we stood face to face,
goose bumps appeared, my heart began to race.
The most beautiful woman I want I could see,
was standing right before me.

I had not a clue what to say,
as this woman took my breath away.
there she was blue piercing eyes, that lovely smile,
I knew hanging round was worthwhile.

Of what I could see,
she also had her eye on me.
Then the moment came, her gentle lips touched mine,
before I knew it we’d ran out of time.

As she went away, was no longer around,
I couldn’t think, not even a sound.
I knew this woman was my life,
I hoped one day she’d be my wife.
As the night grew long, nothing to eat,
not even a blink of sleep.
I found my self to be in love,
the feeling I cannot explain, it was good

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