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At the moment I feel stressed,
I feel my life’s one big mess.
Hiding behind a front is no good,
all I want is to be loved.

All the things we’ve got to hide,
getting through each day from stride to stride.
all the early mornings, late nights, I cannot handle,
all I feel is to strangle.

The medication makes me sleepy and dosy,
I’ve stopped taking this, because without it I feel cozy.
The stress of the trial, my mum’s mate,
I don’t know what will happen, I’ll only see from fate.

Then the hurt and anger I carry inside,
I feel to curl up and die.
Finding a way to see people and get through the day,
I keep asking myself is there a way ?

Well Im sick of feeling like this,
as some people take the piss.
I hope to help myself, and for you to help me too,
so no more anger and feeling blue.

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