Heart Ache

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My aching heart, my misery and pain,
thinking of that day, we’ll be together again.
The lonely nights, the feeling blue,
are all conjoined as a sign, I’m missing you.
The nights are long ,the days are gloomy,
my only wish is for you to be here with me.
I long for your touch, the warmth of your skin,
a presence I feel within.
The fun we’ve had, the memories we’ve made,
are deep rooted and will never fade.
a single tear I cry for you,
of the heartache and strife I’m going through.
Times stood still, my hearts bleeding,
my soul’s weeping, it’s you I’m seeking.
An ever lasting ache that will always be,
until tour back here beside me.
I miss you babe, I miss you I do,
my only dream is one of me and you.
I love you with all my heart,
once re-united, we shall never again part.

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