Jealousy for our love

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I never gave a damn,
What they said about you and me.
I realize that it was things
they said…….out of jealousy.

Jealousy for the love,
That we had for each other.
Knowing that they’d never have
that……. with another.

Everytime they told me,
You were doing me wrong.
I never believed them because
with you…….I belong!

And you used to cry,
Because you thought I believed them.
And used to tell me that
i’ve always been…….the only one.

And I believe you,
I chose you over my family.
Because I know that my family
alone, cannot make me…….happy.

It was you that mattered,
My pride, my beautiful sunshine.
The one who’s life I’d save,
without thinking twice…….about mine!

12 thoughts on “Jealousy for our love”

  1. This poem is so sweet .And it fits my relationship I’ve right now to a tee! My parents don't want me and my boyfriend together because of our age differential but we overcome that and its hopefully goin to make our relationship stronger.

  2. i love your poem..its really sweet ..thts whts happening with me and my bf..ppl keep saying things but im trying so hard not to believe them ..

  3. I thought that this poem was very good. It showed the feeling that many teen have but most of the time do not express to the person that they care about. I think that it say alot about the young people that are feeling heve no age. And i think that author of this poem should be very proud of their work.

  4. well, if you ask me i think that’s a very beautiful poem and that’s kind of like
    high school and middle school romances, so that’s what Im going through right now.
    its pretty

  5. This beautiful poem reminds me of my life with my first love. you have such a great mind to write many great poems. keep it up!

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