Love is Lonely

I’ll never hurt you

I’ll never hurt you
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I love you babe,
I really do,
You’re on my mind 24/7,
When Im with you, I feel like Im in heaven.
You make my heart beat fast,
and I know it will last.
You’re so fine,
And you’re all mine.
I know we’ll always be 2geva,
Hopefully Forever and ever.
The way you laugh,
the way you smile.
makes my life worth while.
Dreams do come true,
as I’ve now got you.
trust me babe,
please do.
You should know, I’ll never hurt you.
I love you babe with all my heart,
and no-one will pull us apart.
we are together.
and it will be forever,
believe me girl, please do,
I will never hurt you