Nobody Knows

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I’m lost in the crowd
With nowhere to go
Some days are dreary
And I just want it to storm
People say things behind my back
People say things to my face
Whether it’s nice
Whether it’s mean
People just say it so they can feel free
People judge me for who I am
What I do
And what I say
But I’m my own person
And I am nobody’s slave
Sometimes at night
I go sit outside
And look up at the stars
And think why oh why
Why do bad things happen to me
Why does everything end in misery
Im two different people
But nobody will ever know
Because I wear a mask
But it doesn’t show
When I talk
Nobody can hear
When I walk
Nobody can see
Nobody knows the real me
Nobody wants to find the key

5 thoughts on “Nobody Knows”

  1. I felt like this before, and i think i still do now. Nobody ever see the real me and nobody doesn\’t really care. They never see anything, but just the mask on my face. It seem almost as if i wasn\’t there, or born, or like i\’m invisible.

    1. This is a Beautiful Poem Sally, I too feel this way! I Love the way you put it into words, very good work:)

      1. Thanks its nice to hear that sometimes. This is the first time that I let anyone other than my mom read my poems. Oh and great work on your other peom Dear Mother!!! :)

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