I will fight for you

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I’m fighting intensely for your love
As I reach eminently to the heavens above
I know it’s weird and crazy and such
I know we’re friends but I love you this much
We’re just getting to know each other
But I can tell we like one another
I’ve had this crush for a long time
Now I must say what’s on my mind
I feel like there’s chemistry between us
I need to win your heart it’s a must
My intention is never creepiness
My heart craves love nevertheless
To dream of you in a special way
To refresh a world that was dark and grey
To simplify beauty in one word
To be rejected I cannot afford
To say the world is unexplainable
To give love that’s demandable
What my heart craves in its role
It wants to mix with yours to become whole
I stress and stress the love I give
I never receive but I continue to live
My life continues to be hell
But I need your heart I just can’t fail
I cry and cry my heart out to you
I feel the need to tell the truth
Things have changed since we met
So I want to get this straight and set
I can’t help my passion for love
To pursue your heart I must my dove
Burning deep in my heart
The love I never want to spread apart
The fiery and desire my heart craves
The love I wish you could save
Something I want in return
Something I have to and must learn
Things in life I want to get better
Remembering your love in the summer
Looking in the sky when it rains
Thinking of you to diminish the pain
Covering my eyes in the suns light
But thinking of you in the dark night
Hoping to achieve and win your heart
Pursuing your love from the start
Although I pursued you from a distance
I didn’t stalk though you were unaware of my existence
I knew you wouldn’t fall for someone like me
That’s why I had to write my feelings on this sheet

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