Love is Lonely


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Of where you go – where you find

Yourself, I think that you should know

Just how much this means.


No matter who, no matter,

When, no matter how,

(No matter, no) I will always

Love you. Always, all ways—


If you find your heart broken,

Make me your stitch, make me

Mend you together, as you have mended

Me, as you have sown, up, as you told me, as I held

You, as I fell, deep, into it. Your eyes.


(No matter, no) how I find myself,

Or where, or when, or (even) what I am in,

Despite it all, (despite it all) I will – always

And all ways – love everything, have loved, anything

That you were, are, or become.

If, in the end, separation (by death even) is

What stops me from getting (having) needing

(loving) wanting (treasuring) holding (becoming) you, then

It was not meant. Though as I in your eyes look, I find myself

A celestial world, a new world, entire.


For you are my friend, my life (my love),

You strive for best (while I catch

up) and are who you can be (while I

attempt myself) – I

cannot see it with anyone else,

anyone different, anyone (no one)

who (certainly) is the one (the only)

who is (and always will be) the one I love;

always and all ways.


If I could only give it to you (my heart)

If only you would understand

The depths

Of my


Of your love, the drug

The essence, of which addiction

Has set itself upon my heart.


Sickness (some call it love) is the weirdness;

The closeness; the entirety that (in perpetuity)

Is you:

You are all that I have ever (or will ever) long for.

You are the sweetest flower (the humblest bee),

The cutest moon (the brightest sun) the darkest night

(the sharpest ray) in which you may never

Understand, just truly, how much,

You are

And always will be

The one (the only) for me;

The one, the one, the one,

I love: always, and all ways.