My Lonely World

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If you ever came to feel my pain
or drowned for a day in my lonely rain
you would know what it’s like to suffer in my hell

If you listened to the tales I had to tell
you would never again pass judgement on me

You may even understand why sometimes I flee
why I sometimes hide when the road gets rough
or run away when life gets tough

If you spent 60 seconds locked inside my head
you’d understand why life I dread

If you took a minute to feel what I feel
you’d understand that my pain is so real

If you for once, choked on my tears
or had to fight through my fears

If you had to spend a day in my solitude
my nightmares you couldn’t elude
the judgements you first passed would fade away

You would probably hit the ground and pray
to never again see the things that I had seen
to never experience the dreams that I dreamed

66 thoughts on “My Lonely World”

  1. Hey is this the Jillianne Harris i know as a Grantsville
    Middle school student if so why did you hide such
    a talent for writing?

  2. This is an awesome poem and i can relate to it completely, people to often judge others without realizing what they are going through. thank you for writing the poem!

  3. Hi there Jillian,
    Well, the poem is very good. It superbly expresses the solitude and pain of a loner. Keep up the good writing!
    (I hope in real life, you are not such a loner!!…the world is not as bad as it seems!)
    Anyway, happy writing!!”

  4. Jillian–
    I've been looking for a poem lately to express how I've been feeling…
    apparently, I can't write one that says what I need it to say….
    but yours is perfect. I'm in the exact situation you've described.
    AMAZING POEM!! I hope you don't mind if I put it in my live journal
    with your name at the bottom and everything!!! It's *so* great!!
    Keep up the AWESOME work!! ^_^

  5. This is a really good poem, and I know a person that’s goin through the same thing. Anyways just try 2 be happy b/c the world isn't that bad as it seems.

  6. I loved this poem
    i felt like it was about me
    i would love for everyone to be in my shoes
    for just one day,
    Im all by my self right now
    i am always by my self
    ERiN aka ERniE

  7. That poem is wonderful,it explains everything i've ever been feeling and shows that no one can understand the pain you've gone through or the stress you feel from you trying to explain it but they would truly understand if they only experienced your life for a min. i love that poem. After all the highest point in someones life can just be a dream

  8. The poem was submitted by Jillian H. But Jillian didn’t leave a valid contact address. At that time Jillian titled the poem as “My world”. I added the word “lonely” when I published the poem on this Website. So its more likely that William Spencer copied this poem from my Website because he used the new title I modified.

  9. I just wanted to let you know,
    I, too, have seen so many terrible things.
    Im young, though my mind is not.
    I’ve been through alot, and
    would like to speak with you.
    If you would, can you e-mail me?
    I would very much like to talk with you.
    Thank you

  10. Dear you,
    your poem has such deep feelings.
    your poem expresses tha way i've been feeling
    all my life.. and im just happy to see that im not
    the only one who feels this way in the world i
    really appreciate you writing a poem like that..

  11. I've felt this way a thousand times before… and I've actually written a poem like this before…it's amazing…and if this is truly how you feel, I hope you'll find happiness someday in your life.

  12. I’ve never read a poem that relates to me so much.. i don’t even think I’ve written one as close in relation to me as this…amazing job

  13. Wow, as a poet myself, I can say that you are an excellent writer and that you deliver your pieces extremely well. Good for you, I hope to see more of your work soon. Keep your head high and smile. Feel free to email me, if you wish, for anything. Once again, excellent job.


  14. I really love your poem. I can really relate to it right now. Like someone else said, I hope you don't mind if I put it in my live journal, I will give you full credit of course!
    Really great poem tho, I love it!!

  15. I can relate in so many ways to this poem. You have an awsome talent. Also, thank you for making me realize that i'm not the only one who feels this way.

  16. Wow! I really never thought that I'd find a poem so good.
    One that describes Exactly how I feel.
    Just want to say its a very wonderful poem.
    And that you are very talented!

  17. Wow… ummm.. This poem def. takes me straight into my life. This poem is everything about me.. EVERYTHING. I love it because it makes you think about how some people have to live everyday and how they just wake up every morning sometimes hoping they would die. That everyday they are mserable and covered in tears and that there past was so bad and the future is getting worse and there never seems like there is an end to it all. WOW

  18. I love your poem, it relates alot to me I feel the same exact way sometimes, when my friends don’t understand how I feel

  19. Hey jillian…i was looking for a poem to express how i felt
    and wen i came by yours it just …well i felt exactly like that
    and that’s great..cuz it makes me feel like im not the only
    one that feels this way…well just wanted to thenk you for
    writing that poem..thank you again:D


  20. That poem is beautiful, that’s exactly how I feel.
    I could never find words to express my thoughts
    and feelings, until I read your poem.

  21. i thouhgt this poem was great, and its so true for a lot of people, especially people whos
    feelings are never understood thank you for writting it. God Bless.

  22. OMG This poem is so about me there is so much going on in my life and ppl think that its not hard but its and when you feel down they try to help but it does not work… you did a really good job on this poem and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. hey i really like this poem of yours… your really good at what you do…. maybe you can tell me wat you think about my poems…. You’re an inspiration dude! thank you for this poem…. It really touched me…. thank you for puttin down wat I’ve been feelin into words…. thank you!
    <3 another poet admirer

  24. WoW… that’s all i can say. You are a great writer
    and you know how to express things in writing…
    i wish i could do that. I love this poem. I'm going
    through so much stuff in my life that no1!!! would
    understand… family, friends… i know other people
    go through the same thing, and it feels like hell
    i hate it. I'm just lucky to have people in my life that
    i can talk to. If you ever really need to talk about
    anything, give me an email, it'd b nice to talk to
    someone who feels as much pain as me.

  25. whoa. When i first read this so many emotions ran throught my head. you speak so passoinatly about this subject, in my eyes. i you truly feel this way then may i say god be with you, always.

  26. Im in class at the moment and im reading ALL of the poems and comments on this site personally I’ve not found any that I like but I always have different opinions than others but this poem was actually VERY good it sounds like you have a tough life and it amazes me on how real this poem is no body really takes time to see things from the other persons point of view I have to admit I come from a family with a lot of money and im very athletic and scocial and I guess ppl would consider me a prep and I know I’ve teased kids in the past and at times I still do :( but anyway this was a great poem and I loved it!GOOD JOB DEAR!!!!!

  27. I Thought your poem was very deep. Im able to relate to this poem because it describes what I am and have been going through in the past few months. My family & friends don't understand how I feel & I wish they would. thank you for such a powerful poem. Knowing that others feel the same as me helps me get through this black cloud in my life.

  28. Jullian, you must have alot of bad things happen to you in your life for you to write this poem. I love this poem. Keep writing poems like this…

  29. Hey Jillian,
    Wow… when i was reading your poem i was just like speechless cuz I’ve been feeling the same thing and i can totally relate to your poem. I LOVE IT. I mean there are some people in this world who just don't understand me and i wish so bad that they would. i wish for the same thing if only they could spend some time in my shoes. your poem is very well written. anyways… I really hope that happiness finds you and you find happiness and i hope that you smile and laugh with joy.

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