So Many Questions

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How come Im alone?
How come no one likes me?
I wish I knew the answers
I wish I knew how to fix it
I wonder what’s wrong
day in and day out
what do I need to do different?
How do I need to act?
Should I be someone else?
Or should I just give up?
but that’s not my nature
Im a fighter
not a snail that crawls into my shell
How come I want to hide?
How come I want to run?
I want to get away,
far away from here
where no one knows me
and no one will judge me
Is there such a place?
I don’t think there is
but one can always hope

28 thoughts on “So Many Questions”

  1. You have prescribed the therapy for our chronic ailments which is an escape from where we are stuck, outstripping ourselves of our worn out identities. It could be a lease on a new life or a yearned for liberation from the tentacles of the traumatizing past.

  2. I feel this way all the time now! Im so depressed and everyone around me don’t help they just make it worse I need help but no one will help me. I feel so alone and I just want to get away from this place! Nice poem!

  3. I feel what your trying to say for I feel the same. hiding from evryone because if you show yuor ture self you'll be destrode. know can know you because you are alone.

  4. This poem is great it reminds me of me the words
    every thing its a great poem.
    I feal the same way as the person who wrote this

  5. Wow..this poem is really also reminds me of myself. I feel like I have to pretend to be someone else for people to like me.

  6. i so love this peom its so like me i hate my life sumthing severe. i wish i was outgoing but im not and wen i get close to ppl they don’t like me like that. plus i over anylyse things so wen i think sum1 likes me i and just kidding myself to think sum1 may actually like me…great poem thou

  7. i think this poem really suit me perfectly…..
    i just alone n nobody like me…..
    why? why? why?
    i love this poem….
    thank you to the author….
    really said out wat i wan to said………..

  8. Wow, i feel that way… it seems like no one likes
    me and i feel alone… no one to talk to… it hurts
    i like this poem… good job

  9. your peom is really cool and i can relate because i oved and no one at my school likes me and calls me names but in cool your poem showed me alot and i want to say thank you

  10. I know how your feel…I’ve felt this way for so long. As i was reading it i couldn't believe how much it related to me.. thank you for letting me know i'm not alone!!

  11. I like this poem alot, here is another quote you might like:
    “There is only one inborn erroneous notion … that we exist in order to be happy … So long as we persist in this inborn error … the world seems to us full of contradictions. For at every step, in great things and small, we are bound to experience that the world and life are certainly not arranged for the purpose of maintaining a happy existence…hence the countenances of almost all elderly persons wear the expression of … disappointment.”
    Uknown,15 years old.

  12. Hey manz!! cheer up! ders always one person that lyks
    u, ders always that one person hu is thnkin about u, dnt guv
    up, lyf can be hard, but try and be patient with wotever is going
    on. everythng will be ok soon!! keep n smilin, you neva know whos
    falling in love with your SMILE!

  13. This poem is great it shows people that they are not the only ones who feel like they don’t belong. But don’t give up. being different its what makes you unique. be strong and ALWAYS remember there is always some one else out there who has it worse then you!

  14. who ever wrote this poem, or feels this way, I’ve been there, and no, matter what you do, ppl. r gonna tal about u, theres lovers and haters, you just gonna roll wit the punchez!

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