Waiting for Your Love

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I need you
I need a hug
Just once I would like to be loved
I want to feel whole
I want to feel secure
but that’s impossible
when your not here
I don’t know who you are
I don’t know if I ever will
One day I hope we meet
so you can sweep me off my feet
I want to have that feeling
the one that everyone gets
when they know it’s right
and they have no regrets
Will you ever be here with me?
not caring what other people believe
I hope so and
I hope so soon because
I will be waiting….
waiting here for you

28 thoughts on “Waiting for Your Love”

  1. Hey, i just wanted to say that this is a very cute poem and you shouldnt have your name unknown..
    well atleast i like it ;) good job and keep it up :D


  2. My friend and i see your want. I’ve a man that i like but am not allowed to date. it sucks. you scored a 10! you did good kid!

  3. hiya,
    this is such a great poem.
    one of the best I’ve ever read.
    i feel really depressed at the moment and this is how i feel.
    i need a hug!!
    thank you

  4. This is a very nice poem, even though i wouldn't be
    the best person i describing love because my boy-
    friend just broke up with me a few days ago (3 days)
    and ever since I haven’t felt right but this is such a
    great poem!!!

  5. thank you you mane :blushes: It was written during a time when I felt lonely, and “needed a hug”
    thank you for your support!!!
    i'll write more i promise

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i thought that you poem
    was so cute and that’s how my love life is you
    should keep up the good work
    and don’t write unknown your poem is to good
    for that

    <3 Samantha

  7. i love this poem. i can totally relate. dude, show to the world who you are coz you've really got the potential of a great poet!

  8. hi! i really like this poem cuz it talks about me and my boyfriend he's been
    incarcerated for 2 years now and we havent met in person
    only through glass. i met him when i was in jail and we been writing each other since
    but he's gettin out next month and i'll be waiting….
    waiting for his love!!

  9. I really love your poem and think you did a great job with it.
    If you could write some morelike this
    and you will be a billionair.

  10. hey this poem is the best i love it Im gonna put it in my info on aol cause i love it so much and i just thought that it was so cute i wish i could write poems as good as that cause i would love that talent well keep up the great work with writing poems ;-)

  11. This poem is amazing :] i can totally relate to it because
    im going through the same things the poem describes,
    whoever wrote this is one good writing keep it up

  12. Hiya! You did a good job and i really loved it.
    while im reading your poem make me think
    about the man i really want to be with
    but at the moment im with someone that
    i don’t loved anymore. It Sucked but hey that’s my life.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  13. I love this poem a lot..cuz i've been heart broken since one year,that had hurt me a lot,and i'm still suffering.please never break a heart,those who has been heart broken…they knew the pain,those not..take this in consideration,don't break a heart it's hard to hold!broken heart DO NOT HAVE SPARE PARTS…

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