I’m addicted to you

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Your smile is like a bright ray of sunshine
It’s so breathtaking it runs through my mind
When I’m around you I feel amazing
I want you to see what my heart is craving
Last thing running through my mind
Fighting for your love one last time
You’re the star people want to be like
The star that is always doing something right
Let it rain on this faithful day
My love has always been on display
I’ve never been in love like this before
Now it’s time you understand my heart right to the core
People may run and hide
But I’ll find you and pour all my love inside
Sometimes I wish raindrops would fall
Do you understand my love at all
I fell in love too quickly with you
But now I’m forced to tell you the truth
You’re dangerously beautiful with no limits
I look to the sky as I count the minutes
Boom a new love explodes before me
I cover my mouth and open my eyes to see
There she is standing there
Looking beautiful as ever with lovely blond hair
From the minute I saw her I knew she was the one
On a scale of beauty her love weighs a ton
I can dream forever and ever
And my love would never start to simmer
I obviously had no clue at all
That I was about to take a huge fall
From being sad and alone all my life
To being stabbed with a powerful knife
This knife is full of powerful love
And it came straight from you my dove
Now I can’t stop I’m too addicted
You’re like a personal drug and I’m so interested
I love you

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