Wrong Track

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This track seems to be going the wrong way
I wish I could go back
and take a right where I took a left
it seems this is a never ending road
where people leave
and where others grow old
it seems to go on forever
without any stops
no one stops to ask if I need to talk
everyone seems to be five miles ahead
and Im left behind
wishing I were dead

38 thoughts on “Wrong Track”

  1. Hey i think you did really good at wraping up
    your poem the end great good job
    the best to you
    and remember
    “time heals the broken heart”

  2. Hi!, Your poem was pretty good…
    i realy liked it!
    But remember when your traped in the darkness you can always find a light!

  3. I love your poem. Making mistakes that changed your life. Eternal sadness and pain with no help. It's one of the best I've ever read.

  4. hey annonymous or whoever wrote this… it wuz great n it rele touched me…. im not sayin that like this poem is true abouut how you feel but always remember that there is always a light where there is darkness n you will findno you.. i hope you ok n all…. i don’t want to sound like im comin into your business n sayin like you shud rele get help n all cuz i don’t even no if the poem is about how you fell… but ne wayz great poem <3 Chelsie the light if you rele try.. even tho i don't

  5. you should e_mail me if you need someone to talk I’ve been there i know what its like you can talk to me if you would like to

  6. Hey-i liked your poem..it was so deep and it really touched me! I'm glad you've found a way of expressing your feelings.If you want to talk im here!

  7. When i read this poem, it brought back memories, depressing memories.
    It made me cry when i read this poem it has inspired me deeply.

  8. When i read this poem, it made me cry, brought back memories of a couple of years ago
    You have been an inspiration to me
    thank you

  9. ello, you know what. you aint alone. i feel the same way. if you want to read some of the poems i wrote go to animespiral.com, go to search and in penname type in YaYo_E_KaYo. if you cannot find it email me andI will mail it to u.

  10. hey that was a great poem
    but for real don’t get so down there is always some
    one to make you happy ok
    love always,
    amber williams

  11. i really like this poem. I relate to it cause i do feel like that
    a bunch of times. if you have anymore good poems or just want to talk e-mail me .
    i would love to chat with you men

  12. this is a really good, sad poem. It makes me want
    to cry cause I can identify with that, which I know
    sounds corny, but its true. Good job.

  13. hi i used to feel that same way but you say about the never ending road hunnie “lyfe” is a never ending round by it self the left turn you should have made instead of the right is the choice you made but as you need to see it the left turn was the correct turn because you will learn from the mistake of that turn and you wont regret it furthur down the road well it was nice reading your poem goodbye

  14. I like you poem it nice. I hope you just wrote that poem to
    wright that poem. If not Think of all the people that would
    miss you .

  15. hey i felt this way yesturday so i kind of know how you fell i fell the same way right know cuz i found ou tsomething so yeah hope you ok and nice poem i like it

  16. I know things might seem bad atm but its like
    climbing a mountain there are highs and lows till
    u get to the top
    u can get through wotever is going on for u

    BTW the poem is amazing you r a reali good writer

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