You are my sunshine emma

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On this lovely day I want you in my arms
I’ll be close so there’s no reason to be alarmed
This is your day and I want to make it the best
So without further ado I will now confess
When I first met you I melted like ice cream
Little did I know I would dream and dream
Can’t close my eyes without seeing you
I’ve dreamed and dreamed for this day to come true
Emma we met and clicked right then and there
Since then no one else gives me a scare
I would like to express certain feelings
Certain things that I can’t help but releasing
Every time I see you there’s a smile on your face
Sometimes I’d love to wrap you in an embrace
My queen whatever you wish is my command
I’ll always submit to your royal demands
I’ve always wanted to lay a kiss upon your cheek
Never stalked but couldn’t resist a peek
You’re so beautiful you could have the world in your hands
So I guess now I must take a stand
I may not have a six pack and be a dream guy
But I’ll love you and love you until I die
I know it’s a waste of time to tell you my feelings
I know I don’t have a chance and I’m saying crazy things
But on the off chance that you do read this
I’d like to ask for a memorable kiss
These feelings come from my deepest heart
Where love form others were torn apart
But you stitched it back up to its whole
And to make you happy has always been my goal
I can’t thank you and thank you enough
Life has been meaningful but also rough
You hold my heart in your hand
Please my dear don’t bury it in the sand
If it’s alright I’d like to concentrate on you
Again my angel here is the truth
I’ve come to my senses and realize
That I’ve found what I wanted all my life
I’ve found my one and only prize
And she’s been right here in front of my eyes
You smile at me and I laugh
It’s not exactly science or math
Doesn’t take a genius to understand
That my love for you has a plan
Head over hills is what people say
But my dear you are my never-ending dream everyday
Emma I don’t know what else to say
Except I want you in my arms on this lovely day
I love you Emma

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