Love is Lonely

I love you so much

I love you so much
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The first time I saw her,
My mouth dropped in awe.
In front of me,
My eyes could not believe what they just saw.

A girl with such beauty,
That cannot be explained.
And such a wild mind,
That cannot be tamed.

As she walked past me,
I had to break neck.
I said silently to myself “Damn!”
As she disappeared in a sec’.

Thinking what to say,
I didn’t have a clue.
Then she spoke first as she said,
“Who the hell are you”

She started getting friendly,
And asked how old I was.
I told her I was 15,
Then I asked how old she was.

She told me she was 14,
And I was sort of surprised.
I thought she was 16,
When I first saw her with my eyes.

I didn’t have a girl,
And she didn’t have a man.
I guess it was fate,
A part of God’s plan.

We walked for a while,
Our conversation wasn’t weak.
Before she went inside,
I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

As we walked together the next day,
I thought to myself, “What a great find”
This girl was like no other,
She had to be mine.

As she layed her head on my leg,
I couldn’t help but stare.
It was almost hard to believe,
That this beautiful girl was there.

As we walked around,
In the humid night mist.
I stopped and pulled her towards me,
And there is where we kissed.

The kiss was so beautiful,
The kiss was so real.
A kiss for all the ages,
A kiss to seal the deal.

The girl I met was special,
Her name is Lisbet.
I want you to know baby,
“I love you so much, Im so happy we met”