I love you so much

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The first time I saw her,
My mouth dropped in awe.
In front of me,
My eyes could not believe what they just saw.

A girl with such beauty,
That cannot be explained.
And such a wild mind,
That cannot be tamed.

As she walked past me,
I had to break neck.
I said silently to myself “Damn!”
As she disappeared in a sec’.

Thinking what to say,
I didn’t have a clue.
Then she spoke first as she said,
“Who the hell are you”

She started getting friendly,
And asked how old I was.
I told her I was 15,
Then I asked how old she was.

She told me she was 14,
And I was sort of surprised.
I thought she was 16,
When I first saw her with my eyes.

I didn’t have a girl,
And she didn’t have a man.
I guess it was fate,
A part of God’s plan.

We walked for a while,
Our conversation wasn’t weak.
Before she went inside,
I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

As we walked together the next day,
I thought to myself, “What a great find”
This girl was like no other,
She had to be mine.

As she layed her head on my leg,
I couldn’t help but stare.
It was almost hard to believe,
That this beautiful girl was there.

As we walked around,
In the humid night mist.
I stopped and pulled her towards me,
And there is where we kissed.

The kiss was so beautiful,
The kiss was so real.
A kiss for all the ages,
A kiss to seal the deal.

The girl I met was special,
Her name is Lisbet.
I want you to know baby,
“I love you so much, Im so happy we met”

21 thoughts on “I love you so much”

  1. I think this poem is brilliant as it relates to a time in my life you should think of being a real poet i think you will go far

  2. i think that this poem is amazin….
    it realy made me imagine in my head
    something that happened to me
    …a lot of feeling behind this….
    truley amazin…
    love it wel done

  3. I think your poem is amazing!!! its so sweet and it even made me wonder if my boyfriend thought like that? keep on doing great poems!!!!

  4. You really got skills babe i bet your madly in love or just skillful that way I write some but still havent displayed them but i'll keep reading your work keep it up you got something …best wishes mari

  5. there were some poems that were nice but some werent so to bad 4 the peoples ugly poems and good luck with your poems the 1 that made their poems nice lates people and take care cause i care just lieing you fucken haters

  6. brillian poem not only comming from a male but also coming from someone so young. A really lovely storey and well rhymed, sounds just like the poems i used to write when i was your age. brought a lot of smiles to my face x

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