Funny goodbye

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One night a father is tucking his daughter in to go to bed and she says her prayers. Girl:”God Bless Mom, dad, Grandpa, and goodbye Grandma. The father asked why she said that. She said “because it is the right thing to say. The next day the grandma died. The dad thought that was strange that, that happened on that day. A few months later he tucked her in to bed. Then she said her prayers. “God Bless Mom, Dad, and goodbye grandpa. The next day grandpa died. A few weeks later she was saying her prayers before bed. She said “God Bless Mom goodbye Dad. All that night he was thinking. He couldn’t get to sleep. That morning he went to the office. He just sat in his chair all day. He waited till 12:00A.M. He didn’t die yet so he knew he wasn’t going to. Then he went home. His wife greeted him at the door. She said “The mailman died on our front porch today. It’s sad too because he was one of my best friends

10 thoughts on “Funny goodbye”

  1. i did not like this one it
    lost its point after the first
    few lines and it waz quite
    boring no humer in it at all
    could have been way better if the writter fixed the punch lines up
    a bit more it would
    surly get a lot of laughs

  2. I Loved this poem it was so cute!
    People who don't like it just don't understand how
    to have a good lauph! but i say AWSOME!
    Congrats on having such a wonderfull poem!

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