If I had been there

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Is there really a point to being here,
What’s the point?,
What’s the fear?,
If I only knew,
How to help my best friend,
She wouldn’t be there,
Well I guess here,
In the hospital,
With a babe in her arms,
If I hadn’t let her sip some,
She would have thought strait,
She would have hidden in her cape,
Not holding a babe from an unfortunate rape!.
It’s all my fault.

11 thoughts on “If I had been there”

  1. your poem makes me think of my poor poor friend,
    oh how i miss her.
    she was raped only it killed her,
    she wasnt so lucky as your friend.

  2. Omg, that's like so so sad. i can only imagine your pain.
    You see my Grandma was raped also. But you see, she decided that she wasnt ever gonna love a man again,
    So she is now a lesbo

  3. The exclamation point seems out of place; if you want it to be dramatic, don't rhyme rape with cape. Your friend should have had an abortion. Did you give her GHB, or tranquilizer? Straits spelled straight. Is she still your friend? Its not your fault unless you raped her, or you watched and didn't do anything about it.

  4. hey don’t worry about it its not your fault.im 14 and i was raped by my own cousin.i didn’t tell anyone till i was 12 cause he abused each time i tried.no matter what always try to be there for your friend and never keep them from doing the right thing

  5. hey seriously don’t worry about it….that’s a big tragedy but if she has the baby shell grow to love it…that baby will be something she will never want to give away…and im sure shes learned from her mistake

  6. Kristi…
    if you read this
    @ least this wasnt you!
    think…. how horrifying it would be
    a 13 year old girl
    with a….5 or 6 year old child!!
    God really loves you
    God bless you

  7. i read your poem and i liked it at least you know you
    did somthing wrong i was 12 and i went to a party
    with my friend and she let her boyfriend rape me so
    i kno how your friend must have been feeling but
    it's worse for me because my friend wont admit that
    she gave me anything and she says i wanted it when
    i know i didn’t and another kid sed i screamed know
    so i bet your friend is lucky to have you as a friend at
    least you admitt when you screw up

  8. I love your poem. And I know what its like to be raped. I was raped in by my towns football field. I screamed and a man sitting on his porch saw me running. Instead of helping me, he went inside and turned out the lights. I was caught, dragged into the woods, and raped. No one did anything, no one helped me. I had just turned fourteen. I didn’t say anything until i was sixteen, to my mom who blames me for it. don’t blame yourself when this happens to your friends. Just be there for them. My friends are the onyl people who pulled me through. I love them for that.

  9. why is everyone getting raped? do you have whore marked on your forehead or are you unable to keep your legs closed. either way. woman need to get their act together

  10. I like the fact that you had the courage to write about something so serious, and still put it in a poem. You need to understand though that what happened is NOT your fault!! Things happen everyday to people that don’t deserve it. And she was one of them, a Victim. So don’t be hard on yourself, we live in a world where these things sadly happen. So we need to learn from not only this experience, but other’s as well. You and your friend take care=)

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