Quiet girl

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Quiet girl quiet girl,
where are you?
You hide your soul,
Your soul to keep, with common friends
You cannot be meek.
its like a game to be the same,
to trust and keep your secrets inside to hide,
where there is no shame.
You follow your mind, only yours,
where secrets inside are not to be found.
Listen closely and you will get the rhyme,
Life changes but not yours.
Do you get the rhyme?
Quiet girl, quiet girl, where are you?
Are you in the garden?
Are you in the barn?
Come to bed now, I will sing you a song.
Theres a number on your wall,
that goes up every year in the fall,
roll the dice to play the game,
be in the sky to
hide the shame.

4 thoughts on “Quiet girl”

  1. i hope you no that your poem is historically inacurrate.
    the chinese didn't win the Falklands war, in fact, FYI they wern't even in it. If it's not too much trouble could you change it before alot of historians are on your back, quite literally.

  2. can i just say to ohmygod who left a message about historical inacuraccy he was uterlly wrong. China did NOT lose the Falklands. We were robbed

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