You didn't know

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You didnt know,
How you hurt me so,
You didnt know,
That i couldnt let go.

You never knew,
How i felt about you,
You will never know,
Cause I will never show.

These feelings I hide,
Are taking over my life,
But you dont care,
You werent even there.

How long will it take for you to see?
That you and me were meant to be
I dont know how i can show,
What you yourself, can never know.

15 thoughts on “You didn't know”

  1. Hey, i just wanted you to know that i love your poem.I can really relate to it.
    i think that you are a good poet.keep it up!

  2. This poem is so touching, maybe i should read it to my boyfriend to see how much he really cares about me…I honestly think we are gonna be breaking up really soon!!!

  3. I thought that this was a beautiful meaningful poem, and where Im at right now in my life with love I can so relate to it!

  4. This poem is the best of the best..It reminds me of how I feel about this man I really love but he don't feel the same way about me..He's not like other men..Alot of people told me it just wasn't meant to be and there's nothin I could do to change him..And it hurts me alot to know that..It feels like a knife was shoved right into me and into my heart and someone just ripped it right out of me..It's like a part of me is missing and it's also like as if I never existed..

  5. i feel so idetificated
    this is a lovely poem
    i love you
    much to much
    imposible for me
    imposible for you to see
    how much you mean to me
    love you till the end .

  6. this is touching n i understand your pain and confusion, Im
    goint to sho this one to my bf, n hopefully it will b a wakeup call.
    thank you heaps your a great writer xo

  7. This poem is exactly how I feel and how its
    in my love life, It really touches me, if only my
    boyfriend read this then maybe I would'nt
    be so quite around him . yeah this is a great poem
    all of you that read this comment should read the

  8. yuo poem is so class.
    its shows how some1 hurt u.and hurting inside.i can relate to it by how much Im hurting in side from my mom not even listen 2 me or being there

  9. well….i love poems and i really love the ones that i relate to!!
    i relate to this poem so much right now in my life…this poem is great!!!

  10. i understand how you feel,
    im actuallie goin thru wit it now..
    i might show da mani like bout diz
    mayb he'll understand..
    (of course ima put props 2 u)

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