Sounds like these: volume over par

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What I feel in sound
I see in colour.
A beauty unsoundly perfect
Each motion poetic, each frame sinful.
For each thought though clean can’t seem
to clear off the feeling of intense passion.
Want the Bliss to last through this moment..
I’ll take this piece of you
And hope for all eternity
that even in just this second;
For just one second I felt whole
As your melody flew right through me
Wanting to hold on to that feeling and embrace it.

The orchestra assembled to its paramount state,
causing me to inhale thoughts of you
and feel you in my bloodstream.
Wanna keep you warm in my heart
where soughs know no end..

The musician…
Muse igniting thoughts
seamlessly seldom.
Pairing up the stars in acoustic fashion.
Want to form a constellation
that will always align me and you.

The percussive percussionists percussion,
playing away my sorrow.
Embedding forever in my soul the reason that is you.
Holding in hand a pigment that is true.
A colour just yet profoundly clear,
no contrast nor hue.
Just a tear.
And in that tear, a symphony plays..

Sounds like these, fading endlessly: the volume though stale,
I hear the whispered words within
the masterpiece of your heart
screaming let the melody play, let the melody play.
For the muse I see, is the music in me.

3 thoughts on “Sounds like these: volume over par”

  1. I felt like I am reading some good love lyrics. It was very different and lovely…How lucky you’re to write such good poems with so ease… I just fell in love with this phrase ‘I hear the whispered words within the masterpiece of your heart screaming let the melody play’ … It is nicely jotted down … I will surely share this with my close knits. Hope to see more of your poems…

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