All Alone

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How can you hurt me so
you act like it was nothing
when you get up and go
but it was really something
to have left me all alone
I sit here and wonder
how you can be so blind
my mind just ponders
Im just too kind
while you have left me all alone
you make up these excuses
and pretend it is okay
but I can’t take the abuse
that you show my way
you have left me all alone
someday you will see
all the pain Im feeling
but this really hurts me
this is why Im fleeing
because you have left me all alone
Now I will leave you in the dust
when you see me walking off
you won’t be thinking about any lust
all you can imagine sitting in your loff
while I leave you all alone

2 thoughts on “All Alone”

  1. its time to move on . forget the past if you want to go forward . all the best in your life . dont forget to smile

  2. amazing poem.. i know how you feel, im not gonna tell you its okay or to move on, cause sometimes its not okay and sometimes its not that easy. but good luck.

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