See the Light

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My head at the moment is messed up,
I feel just to sit and cut up.
instead I choose to write,
so I can live to see the light.

I could just curl up and die,
but i’d rather sit and cry.
I know everyone has stress,
I just feel my life’s one big mess.
under all the pain,
I know someone, somewere’s going through the same.
If there wasn’t such sick people in this world,
my head wouldn’t be in whirls.

I know you have to get on,
Im just thinking why Im the one.
now I realise I wasn’t in the wrong,
I’ll get my head together and be strong..

so I’ll live through the light,
and get to see the fright.

One thought on “See the Light”

  1. spontanious..i like the ending..where ever we spells,,what’s coming next..prepaeing us..what u gladly become..drama..hitting us..watching,,waiting 2 prepare for…Create

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