You’re my dad

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Dad you are very sweet
you are an angel from heaven
Im dreaming of you right now and
day by day and night by night
and forever more
You are my dad my only dad
to love and protect me forever.

12 thoughts on “You’re my dad”

  1. This is very inspirational…. i lost my dad when i was 10 he died of a heart attack… im 14 now and this poem is very warming to here….. thank you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  2. hey i lost the trust from my dad after he left us and i think that its really great of you to still admire your dad while hes there for you.but im only 14 so i might get that same trust you share with your dad.

  3. I would just like to know did you write that poem to
    soneone that was alive or passed on. Because
    my dad passed away about 4 months ago and it
    went pretty well with what Im going through
    I am 16 years old and just lost my dad and I just wanted to tell you that I really liked you poems

  4. my dad just died about a year ago and I love how
    you write your poems you’re a very sweet person and
    Im glad that you feel the same way about your
    dad as I do myne! My dad was my everything and I
    miss him a lot and I love this poem! Well got to go
    e-mail me or something!
    Aprile Jo Lynn Bohm/ Russell

  5. okay KIM i think that you say somthing like that maybe you need to lose your dad
    you are very disrespectful! you need to reaspect a lil more Im only 15 and I lost my dad
    about 6 months ago and you need to realize your
    issues instead bring other people down you are selfish
    Aprile Jo

  6. i like your poem but there is some think wrong i think you need 2
    write 1 4 people that h8 there dad i h8 mine cuz he hit my bro so i kicked him in his balls and we ran
    so write 1 about not beening mean but a way a person could feel about there dad like me im11 kate xxxxxx

  7. ok hunny you are so retarted to write this poem…it don’t even sound right…it sounds like you like your dad…gross.. And anyway you have no idea what its like to lose a dad.. My dad died when I was 1 and I never had anyone but my drunk mom and NEVER home step dad.. So you really need to watch what you are saying… …you shouldn’t write poems ANYMORE hunny…

  8. I think you did a good job:) It\’s nice to have a good father, I wouldn\’t know because I never had one. But I can tell you really Love yours, and there is Nothing wrong with that!! So I hope that No one made you feel like you can\’t express your feelings on here anymore!! I will be looking forward to your future work:) Take care=)

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