Left my heart broken

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How could you do this to me?
How could you leave me like this?
Sad and dying inside.
I feel like Im rotting away inside.
Little dead pieces of me fall off as I fade away slowly,
drowning in depression.
My heart stopped beating when you stopped talking.
My mind focused, like a starving dog staring at a piece of meat,
waiting for some glimpse you might care.
But you never call.
Even the air freezes around me in discontent and sadness.
A feeling of empty, a feeling of grief and sorrow.
My stomach aches with knots of confusion
and head fills with clouds of misunderstanding.
Boxes of information opened and poured out without hope of solution.
Fingers of blame thrown in the air
and words of anger fill the ears of a negativity drowned victim.
Falling into pieces that can’t be glued.
Beyond hopeless, suicidal and filled with doubt of life’s meanings.
You left me here like this.
Not giving me the time of day filling your self up,
like a glutton, with selfishness.
Warped sense of mind.
How can you separate yourself like that?
How can you go on with you smiles and laughter
when you left me to lie here.
My chest open heart barley beating.
You never turned around once.
Now Im bleeding out,
my lifeline fading as I drown in my own tears.
After all we have been through,
after all I have done and sacrificed in the name of our love.
If all your time was wasted and all you love has died.
Then what was this?
Who the hell was I?
but after all we have been through,
obstacles leaped over,
tears that have been cried.
You left me here alone,
left my heart broken like a shattered mirror
reflecting pieces of what used to be me.
now i lie here slowly dying, loosing all that once was
and everything that will never be.

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