Cancer of Pain

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Have you ever felt like you were on auto pilot?
Watching from behind your own eyes.
Not feeling or hearing a thing.
Everything purely isn’t from habit and ritual.
You watch as the world passes by you with out compassion.
Screaming loudly but no one hears you.
Muffled by your own pain reaching out silently
for someone to understand and help you cope.
Like throwing a ball in the air and expecting someone to catch,
you fall with no where to land.
Nothing to soften the harsh blow.
The damage is too far gone.
Now Im numb beyond anything I thought possible.
There is no heart that beats in my chest,
it has been replaced with the cancer of pain.
Slowly eating me alive.
Everything carries a darkness,
all roads leading to somewhere depressing and full of pain.
Words bleed from my finger tip trying to find some solitude
in pouring out how I feel.
Some has to ease this pain.

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