Love is Lonely

You are what you are

You are what you are
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now that the last laugh has been laughed
now that the trees don’t swing
the grass is but wet hair matted on the ground
you think you’re smart and maybe you are
you got away with it and you smile
as though there were no tomorrow
tomorrow comes, my love will you be ready for it?
or maybe you’ll dance just like yesterday
throw your arms in the air you feel so free, free
there’s no one else like you
the wind lifts your hair and your dress
your breasts wish to burst out and embrace the day
you’re the sweetest thing on earth nothing can change that
but when you look in the mirror who do you see?
do you like what you see? perhaps
you were reconciled to that long ago
you are what you are
you trip along tossing your skirt at time
and when time runs out you will disappear into the air with a little blip
it will all be as though you were never there
but I will remember and maybe sucker that Im
I will cry and all things will bend acknowledging the truth