Love is Lonely

Ms Lonely

Ms Lonely
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Ms Lonely…
IS it me or is that the way my life should be?
Am I born to always be sad,
feeling like that is my destination, my voice?
Im here in this room on my own;
the only company I have is a radio playing my funeral.
Don’t know why Im feeling so empty…
Feeling so lonely,
Im in a house, it’s just like Im homeless…
Lonely like a rock in the sun…
Ms Lonely….
Deserve better than this,
but I know I will forget about all this on time.
Where are those who used to say I love you?
Those who said I’ll be there?
Why they have to be such liars…
Am I too late? Or were you in advance?
Ms Lonely….
MY life is like a nightmare, a sorrow.
That hurts so bad when you know you are all alone.
Emptiness is a part of life.
That is not complaining but lament.
But no need for that they don’t have ears…
don’t have eyes… heart? mmmmmmmmmmh!!!!!!
No need for that…
I have my room, my walls.
I’ll cry to them, talk to them,
because they better than them… people.
I will be maybe always alone