Crying Heart

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My tears won’t stop dropping
My heart won’t stop racing
My body won’t stop shaking
Im wondering if you care about me as you said
I just can’t stop crying.
The night so fresh, so sweet,
I did not sleep, I want the morning.
The days so noisy, so tiring,
I want the night. Nothing is as desired.
My eyes tear red from crying,
my heart was bruised strength to groan,
but this is unbelievable, you in me has not changed.
I watch the flowers fading, as it fades you and me.
No odor, nor life.
Life is short but no one knows where she will take us
it’s like the passing wind, but no one knows where it goes.
You and me is over but I have memories.
I feel your wind, but it is not rest.
My hands are cold and my withered heart.
I feel choked because you promised me to blow on me.
Im only watching the time passing
and it made me see that everything comes, everything goes.
I wish I would just close my eyes on you but my heart won’t let me.

4 thoughts on “Crying Heart”

  1. i love this poem so much…..
    it just describes me….
    the one i love so dearly left me without a word :-( :-(

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