The Message

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I’ve got the message
It’s the words I forget
I am the electric buzz
Of a muted TV set

Search through static
For words unspoken
I am the radio
Whose antenna was broken

Crumpled into a ball
And tossed under your bed
I am the paper
Of a poem misread

Listen closely
And I hope you find
We can be the music
That you don’t rewind


5 thoughts on “The Message”

  1. Hey! Your peoms are really great, keep on writing..
    not to many people have that great of talent.. email me back if your up to it!
    thank you jenn

  2. ONLY THREE COMENTS???????????????dude dude
    dude that’s SUCH A GREAT POEM!!!!!!!!!!! jezz itd do
    catchy f**k i love it if im not mistaken you discribing poets
    such A kick a*s discription

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